Africa is transforming. Touch screen cardio pads that connect rural citizens to important care. Urine tests that detect malaria. Rapid diagnostic tests that detect Ebola. mPesa and other digital financial platforms that facilitate financial inclusion. Major solar energy projects in Morocco and Rwanda. The light rail in Ethiopia. The Square Kilometre Array, arguably set to be the world’s biggest telescope, in South Africa. These are only a sample of the meaningful work happening across Africa. The Next Einstein Forum (NEF), Africa’s global forum for science, seeks to leverage science from Africa to respond to global challenges; research, inventions, innovations that better our world.

Our premise is simple – the next Einstein will be African. Pretty ambitious unless you keep in mind that Africa is the world’s greatest source of untapped talent. The NEF, an initiative of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung, will mobilize the brightest minds to address the most pressing problems through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as the social sciences.

The NEF is unique

  1. The NEF is youth driven, youth focused. At least 50 percent of the NEF Global Gathering participants are age 42 or younger.

The NEF GG will also showcase the contributions of Africa’s brilliant youth to Africa’s scientific emergence through its class of NEF Fellows who are Africa’s top scientists.

  1. Tells untold stories. The NEF will highlight innovation and scientific advancement that has often been overlooked by the media and global scientific community.
  2. Builds an African scientific identity. By bringing together key stakeholders, the NEF hopes to drive the discussion from policy to implementation by leveraging buy in and best practice results from Africa and the world.

Connecting Science to Humanity

Beyond conversations, the NEF Global Gathering 2016, will issue a strong call for business investment in African science and government policies that fuel research and innovation. Global leaders will look at issues that can be advanced by frontier science like infrastructure, STEM potential and scientific entrepreneurship. Participants will also have focused discussions that will move from policy to practice.

The NEF’s first Global Gathering is happening 8-10 March 2016 in Dakar, Senegal. Learn more.

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The Next Einstein Will Be African. I call on African governments, leaders, and youth to embrace and support a new era in science, technology, and innovation.

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